Our Walks

It was mainly the questions of our guests that made me study basically all aspects of what Prague is standing for – from art and architecture to cuisine, history and industry, from museums to shopping, from gardens and parks to railway or monuments, from music to dance and so on. I started writing about these things and eventually created what I call Walking Seminars – walks around Prague with a specific focus. The idea turned out to be successful (See the reviews!) so that we added it to our offer.

ARCO’s motto is „take your time, travel, learn, and enjoy“. You have quite a choice:

  • From unveiling the myth of the legendary magic of the city to titles like “Prague for Railway Lovers”, “Prague’s Industrial Past”, “Prague’s Coffee House Mile“, “Prague from 1848 till 1939”, “Prague for Children”, “Design“, “Theatre”, Dance”, “Film“, “Architecture” and names like “Ringhoffer”, “Caruso”, “Barrandov”, “Porsche” and a lot more.

  • There are no standardised walks, though – as I usually walk with individuals or very small groups, I always adapt to the interests of my guests and their level of knowledge of the city, of art and other subjects so that they can make the most of it. What you find on the downloads below are just suggestions.

  • I have updated and compiled all this on a leaflet which you can download here (pdf):

  • FunTasticPrague Walking Seminars (English) 
  • FunTasticPrague Stadtwanderungen (German)